Situated in the South China Sea, in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a nation of astonishing natural beauty and a complex blend of cultures. From buzzing cities to lush mountains and dazzling golden beaches, Vietnam promises an experience that is both exotic and glamorous. Despite the country’s fast-growing modernization, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, which is the Capital and most populated city respectively, its traditional values and integrity are still treasured by the locals.


Festivities, ceremonial parades and celebrations are quite frequent and these pay tribute to traditions and beliefs, some originating from hundreds of years ago.


Magnificent shrines dedicated to Buddhism along with establishments with dazzling architecture are seen in abundance. Skyscrapers soaring high is also a sight that will leave you in awe as you tour around the cities.


Plentiful is beautiful and serene beaches that will be mandatory in your agenda as they would be ideal if you need some relaxation in between sightseeing. Holiday villas, hotels and luxury diners are at your doorstep, some of which are solely dedicated to making your getaway the most romantic and unforgettable one.


Massive expanses of rice terraces which present you with breathtaking views make popular hiking excursions amongst many who visit Vietnam.


Rich in history, this nation is also famous amongst historians and scholars. From archaeological exploration to exciting and bustling cities, to soothing and calming waters of its beaches, Vietnam caters to all aspects that are absolute must-haves in just about any holiday.

Best time to visit Vietnam

Visiting Vietnam is best done during spring and autumn that is February to April and August to October. Temperatures in these seasons are moderate with mild rainfall. The least rainfall is experienced in March and April with quite enjoyable temperatures.

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