United Arab Emirates


If you need a place to start off a tour of the city, why not start at the highest manmade point in the world. Standing almost one kilometre tall is the Burj Kalifa, an architectural and technological marvel. It has guided tours which can be easily be booked online. The observation deck on the 124th floor is said to take everyone’s breath away. You can easily see the entire city and much further. This is truly a place that must not be missed for the world.


The beautiful Dubai fountains, whose creator is the same one responsible for the massive Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas is a spectacle for both the eyes and the mind. This magnificent combination of synchronized water and lights is out of this world. Visitors can easily view the show from nearby cafes and restaurants while enjoying authentic Middle Eastern dishes, or maybe more westernized foods.


The Palms islands are for all you beach lovers out there. The name, of course, refers to the beautiful manmade palm tree-shaped islands that all the fun is located on. Unfortunately one must be flying over the island to really appreciate the palm like resemblance the island shares. While two of the islands are fully active, one is still under construction and should be ready sooner than you think. The islands have their own resorts and waterparks. This would be a truly enjoyable trip to anyone lodging at the resort.


The Dubai Museum would be a great place to learn about rich Middle Eastern culture and history while appreciating the ancient artefacts on display. The Museum itself is constructed entirely inside a refurbished Al-Fahifidi Fort which is said to be built in the 18th century. One can learn interesting facts about the expansion of the Emirates after the oil boom in the early years.


All the shopaholics to have a place to be, and that is the Dubai Mall. It is a highly recommended place, filled with luxuries and technology as far as the eye can see. It is not only famous for the goods it sells, but it also boasts of having its own ice rink as well as a cinema hall. The Dubai mall is truly a wonderful place to shop till you drop!!

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