Safari World and Marine Park

Safari World and Marine Park

Considered to be Thailand's best open zoo, Safari World also comes with the added bonus of a Marine Park right next door. Talk about the best of both worlds!

The park is separated into two areas, an open-air zoo and a marine park, hence it's name.

- Safari World

The first part of your trip here will be spent at the Safari World, where you will explore the African wilderness in an open zoo, witnessing majestic beasts like lions, rhinos, tigers, bears, and more. You will ride through the scenic safari park in your own vehicle or a tour bus while these animals roam free. If you time it right, you can catch the daily lion and tiger feeding shows as well.

Separated by a gate, the park is also home to many gentle creatures such as deer, zebra, giraffe, peacocks, and more.

- Marine Park

Upon leaving the Safari zoo, you'll head off to the Marine Park, where there are a variety of marine animals and birds. The park is full of exhibits that include a tropical rain forest aviary, crocodile garden, fantasy carp garden, tapir kingdom, white tiger enclosure, and so much more. You can even feed certain animals and birds yourself! You can also take the Jungle Cruise river ride, where you'll watch keenly for crocodiles and apes, ending in a splash down a water flume ride.

But the main attractions of the Marine Park include various shows where trained animals perform. These include the sea lion show, cowboy show, orangutan boxing show, bird show, and more. The most popular show here is the dolphin show, so make sure not to miss it!