Located in the Far East corner of Asia is Thailand, a nation overflowing with its rich cultural heritage, history and art. The city of Bangkok serves as Thailand’s trade capital. The city exceeds its reputation when it comes to the busy street life that it boasts about. The nightlife, in particular, has become a huge attraction that draws many tourists to this part of the world.

Bangkok is a reflection of Thailand’s great strides in innovation and technological development. The city preserves its ancient architecture while making space for newer and more modern high rise buildings that decorate its colourful skyline.

The city is filled with much action and adventure at every turn. It caters to travellers of all walks of life, looking for various outlets of enjoyment. One can appreciate the beautiful, shining temples laid across the city, or grab a taxi to shop in the busy streets of Chinatown or you can simply take a boat ride down the rivers filled with floating markets.

Visit the Grand Palace and Wat Prakaew, monuments that have stood looking over Bangkok for more than 150 years. The Palace has been the seat of every Thai King who had ruled over the land. The beautiful architecture and history inside the palace would leave anyone in awe.

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