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The central province of Sri Lanka always has been a tourist magnet in Sri Lanka. Most of the weary foreigners come to a colder climate to escape the harsh summers of the west, and the central highlands have always been accommodating of that.  The beautiful town of Ella has not been one to break this rule. The town itself rests among the mountains, perched in its own vantage point, overlooking the valleys and everything beyond.


The town is nothing more than a collection of small boutiques and shops, paired with a few hotels and guest houses. One doesn’t travel to Ella for its rich facilities and developed cities. One travels to Ella, to get away from all of that. The views around can be so breathtaking and relaxing that you might not want to leave. Travellers often say that they can see even up to the Southern coast of Sri Lanka on a good day.


The journey to Ella too is an interesting one. A highly recommended mode of travel is via train. Once booked ahead of time, the hassle in actually starting the journey is minimized to a great extent. The scenery quickly changes from the usual buildings and fast cars to more mountain ranges, greenery, trees and beautiful landscapes.


The many plantations in the immediate area around Ella provide a great pathway for exploring the village. The adventure continues as long as you want it to. The historical nine-arched bridge too is a place you could visit when you are in Ella. This bridge has become a world-renowned piece of architecture and it is quite a treat to watch the trains pass by. It is also quite a picturesque spot. The local shops provide freshly brewed tea and coffee. What better way to warm your body up after a day of sightseeing in the cold.


The little Adam’s peak, the nephew to the much larger “Adam’s Peak” also is one of those must see places, located 30 minutes away from the main Ella town. The Diyaluma waterfall which is the 2nd tallest in Sri Lanka is also on the same path. Both places are quite interesting to see and fun to wander around. The waterfall especially would be a safe place for a refreshing dip after a day of exploring and adventure.


Wherever you may go in Ella, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time, full of smiles, tons of pictures and memories to last a lifetime.

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