Arugam Bay

Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay

If you find yourself coming to the end of the road in the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka, you’ve probably stumbled upon the lazy, laid back town of Arugam Bay. If the rural, quiet life is what you seek, you’ve come to the right place.

Surrounded by thick jungles and beautiful beaches, hidden among the trees is one of the best surfing spots in the world. It has even been officially named as one of the 10 best surf sites in the world. The affordable lodging in the forms of hotels and guests houses is another reason for tourists to flock to this beautiful location. While the town is still not one of the mainstream visit spots on the list of tourists, it's fast approaching this very thing. Which means the lazy, laid back town will soon be flocking with tourists. So now would really be the best time to visit this magical place, while it's still remote and undiscovered, so to speak.

The guest houses and the many restaurants located along the path offer traditional Sri Lankan meals as well as the more familiar meals to each tourist group. The personal favourite among many tourists have become the spicy rice and curry that might leave your mouths on fire, but your heart's content and glad.

In many surf destinations in the world, one would always find a yoga and wellness centre as well. Arugam Bay is no exception. Walking along the main road, you’d find many such yoga centres, for everyone interested in getting an early morning stretch and body & mind relaxation.

Arugam Bay also offers rent-a-vehicle facilities to anyone interested. Many a tourist like to rent little scooters and travel along the main road and even visit the nearby Kumana sanctuary as well as other interesting scenic places in the vicinity. One could use their own vehicles and enter the Kumana or even the Yala sanctuary. But a more preferred option would be a guided tour inside this vast space of thick jungles dense with a diversity of flora and fauna. The mighty elephant is one animal almost all tourists spot with ease. The leopards are the tricky ones. But with an experienced guide, they too will be spotted in no time.

The weekend nightlife too is something that draws quite a crowd. Local restaurants and guest houses, host “parties”, where the drinks and the music keep flowing all night long. The real party animals dance all night and watch the sunrise the next morning. It is a place full of beautiful sites and memories to share.

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