The Night Safari - Singapore

The Night Safari – Singapore

Being the world's first ever nocturnal zoo, a trip to Singapore would not be complete without experiencing the Night Safari.

Spread over a land of 35 hectares (86 acres), and situated next to the Singapore zoo, The Night Safari is home to over 2,500 animals representing over 130 species. Of the animals that live here, 38% have been placed on the threatened species list, which is why education, sustainability, and conservation are some of their main priorities.

The Night Safari will take you through 7 different geographical terrains ranging from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains to the Southeast Asian jungles. You can chose to explore them either through a 40-minute tram ride or a walking tour.

Of the wide variety of animals you'll spot here, a few notable mentions are the Asian elephant, Indian rhinoceros, flamingos, hyenas, deer, as well as nocturnal animals like tarsier, tapir, and pangolin. The Night Safari also has captive breeding programs of threatened animal species like the Malayan tiger, fishing cats, clouded leopards, Asian lions, and more – all of which you can also catch sight of on your trip. The animals are not caged, rather separated by natural enclosures like fences – which is great for the animals, and also makes you feel like you're actually walking through the jungle among these animals!

There are also several other activities on offer here, like trail walks, educational shows, cultural performance, and more. You could also have a gourmet dining experience here, and even choose whether you want to dine aboard the tram, next to fire-eating tribal dancers, or in a teepee tent!