City Tour In Singapore

Singapore is an amazing city and a country in itself, because it is the world's only city-state! It is a
combination of tropical paradise and a concrete jungle. While that might sound like an odd mishmash,
Singapore has done such a great job of combining the two of these parts of its identity that you won't
even notice it! The Garden City, as it is known, will leave you in awe and feeling like you've stepped into
the future.

Singapore is of the most prosperous countries in the world, and is home to a diverse mix of people and
cultures from Malay, Chinese, and Indian backgrounds. A gorgeous skyline lined with skyscrapers,
modern architecture, and a few colonial buildings stands in front of beautiful rivers and seas. The city is
throbbing with life, morning or night. From shopping malls to wildlife safaris, bargaining at street markets
to luxury shopping, munching on greasy food at hawker centers to experiencing the finer things in life at
five star hotels, every day is a choose-your-own-adventure day!

Here are some of the best places to visit and experiences to be had in Singapore:

- Gardens by the Bay
The initiative of “City in a Garden” began with its first project Gardens by the Bay. Situated in Marina
Bay, this is a fascinating place to visit, and your senses will surely be taken a drive as you experience an
interesting mixture of modern architecture and beautiful nature. Some of the most popular attractions in
Gardens by the Bay include Supertree Grove, Flower Grove, Cloud Forest, and more.

- Singapore Night Safari
Singapore Night Safari is the world's first ever nocturnal zoo, and one of the best experiences to be had
on the island. Located beside the Singapore Zoo, about 2,500 animals of a variety of species inhabit a
land of 35 hectares in an open-air system where the animals aren't caged, but separated by natural
barriers like fences. You can participate in tram or walking tours, trail walks, cultural shows, educational
exhibits, and even gourmet dining experiences.

- Merlion Park
Of course, a visit to Singapore couldn't possibly be complete without a visit to this iconic monument that
is the symbol of the country in most people's mind. There is a lot of debate about the story behind the
Merlion. Some say it symbolizes the origin of Singapore as a fishing village, as well as the bravery of its
people, like that of a lion. Others speak of a mythical creature that was half fish and half lion that
protected the people of Singapore. Whatever it's story, it became such an icon that it earned Singapore
the nickname “The Lion City”.

- Sentosa
This popular resort island is one of the top places to visit on your trip to Singapore. You can take a cable
car ride to get in, and experience all it has to offer from gorgeous beaches and nature, to shopping,
dining, golfing, and hotels. Of course, we can't forget Sentosa's attractions that include Adventure Cove
Waterpark, Animal & Bird Encounters, Dolphin Island, Madam Tussaud's Singapore, Mega Adventure
Park, and so much more!
And if you wanted to see a mammoth 37-meter tall replica of the legendary Merlion, guess where you
can find it? This monument serves as a center point of the island, offering amazing panoramic views
from above.

- Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios, situated inside Resorts World Sentosa, is Southeast Asia's first movie-based theme
park. A day here is sure to be fun for the entire family. You'll get to go on thrilling rides, eat delicious
food, visit exhibits, gift shops, and more based on all your favorite Hollywood movies!
- Marina Bay Sands
Situated on the waterfront of Marina Bay, this resort is a tourist attraction that offers a wide range of
experiences. The resort is housed in 3 55-storey hotel towers, topped with a 340-meter long SkyPark.
From its famous hotels with infinity pools, theaters, museums, celebrity chef restaurants, and shopping
mall, to the world's most expensive standalone casino, you're sure to live the good life at Marina Bay

- Orchard Road
If your heart pumps at the idea of a great deal, whether it be at bargain shops or luxury boutiques,
Orchard Road is where you belong. Streets throbbing with excitement and people lined with shops of all
kinds, offering everything from high-end fashion to deliciously greasy and hearty street grub, it is very much the heart of Singapore's retail shopping.

- Jurong Bird Park
Managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, this aviary is a popular tourist attraction. Home to thousands
of birds of all different kinds, the park is separated into several themed exhibits like African Waterfall
Aviary, Dinosaur Descendants, World of Darkness, Pelican Cove, and more.

- Esplanade
Another iconic landmark in Singapore is the Esplanade, also known as “The Durian”, thanks to its
external spikes that resemble the pungent fruit. It is very much the center of theater and art in the
county, hosting several showcases and performances all year round.

- Religious Buildings
Singapore being home to people of all different backgrounds, also houses several iconic religious
buildings of all kinds. From the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum which is only one of three in
the world, and Sri Mariamman Temple, one of the city's oldest Hindu Temples, to Masjid Sultan, one of
the largest mosques in the country and a national landmark, there are several places that you can
explore on your trip here.

- Museums
Singapore is also home to several museums, where you can learn more about the culture of it's people
and the history that shaped it into what it is today. Some of the most famous museums you can visit
include Peranakan Museum (the culture of locally born citizens of Chinese origin), Asian Civilizations
Museum (history and culture of Asia and how it shaped contemporary Singapore), and the National
Museum of Singapore (a mix of classic and modern architecture).