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The beautiful country of New Zealand is filled with natural beauty, ranging from ice-capped mountains to golden beaches and rainforests. This part of the world is quite a tourist magnet. Many a traveller come to enjoy the outdoors and the extreme sports that New Zealand is famous for. The landscape plays a major role in these sports as well as the various activities and guided tours. The geothermal springs and mud ponds are quite famous in New Zealand and gather quite a curious crowd. One can enjoy a trip all by one’s self due to the convenience of travel and the ample accommodation and good food provided all around the country.


One of the most interesting parks to visit would be the Fiordland National Park. It is a world heritage site and protects many wildlife and plants unique to the area. Anyone who wanders around the trails will be instantly captivated by the amazing sceneries that the park has to offer. Some of the country’s best walkers and hikers take up the winding trails of the park and get to be one with Mother Nature.

Queenstown is another must-see place on anyone’s travel list. The infamous Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in these parts and has become popular even after decades after the film’s release. Queensland is one of New Zealand’s topmost destinations for tourism and it is so because of its natural beauty and the availability of extreme sports like bungee jumping, jet boating, rock climbing and mountain biking. One can simply hike down the mountain trails as well. Queensland also provides excellent accommodation as well as various local and international cuisines.

Napier of the Hawke’s Bay region is another interesting place to visit. Filled with beautiful architecture and tons of food, Napier boasts of the tourists that visit her. The many restaurants that line the streets of Napier are known for the freshest produce of the land. The town has its own weekly farmer's market and other places to purchase fresh foodstuff. The hiking trails around the area are also quite popular among both the locals and tourists.

The City of Sails also known as Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and the most populated Polynesian city in the world. The city gets its nickname from the two harbours that are in Auckland.  The many rainforest hiking trails, the golden and black sandy beaches, as well as the magnificent coves and volcanoes, are some of the places to see when in Auckland. The ride up the Sky Tower is a must when in Auckland. The adrenaline rush as you zoom up 328 meters in the air is unimaginable. The view from up there is also exceptionally gorgeous. It is an amazing feeling and quite a memorable one at that. It truly will be a wonderful trip.

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New Zealand

The city of Auckland, also known as the “City of Sails”, gets her catchy nickname from the two harbours that the city is next to.…


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