If you're interested in the vast ocean and everything that lives in it – one of the best ways to explore it is through snorkeling.

If you're planning on a trip to Maldives, snorkeling is definitely something you should put on your list of things to try here. It ranks in the list of top countries known for snorkeling in the world, and rightfully so! Maldives is not just known for its gorgeous oceans, but also for what the calm blue waters are hiding underneath it.

With millions of colorful corals, fish, and other marine life, this natural aquarium is sure to trump any other you've seen anywhere else in the world. Although the list of sea creatures you have the chance of spotting is too extensive to name, some of the most notable mentions are dolphins, reef sharks, sting rays, hawksbill turtles, butterflyfish, anemonefish, morays, and plenty of fascinating coral plates. (Keep an eye out for Nemo and his gang!)

Best Time for Snorkeling in Maldives

The island generally goes through two distinct seasons, he drier season known as the Northeast Monsoon, and the wetter seasons known as the Southwest Monsoon. The Southwest Monsoon may bring forth rough winds and rains, which would be less than ideal. The Northeast Monsoon runs from January through April, and is the best time for snorkeling in Maldives, with March hitting the peak.