Cable car

A cable car is any of a variety of cable transportation systems relying on cables to pull vehicles along or lower them at a steady rate. The terminology also refers to the vehicles on these systems. The cable car vehicles are motorless and engineless and they are pulled by a cable that is rotated by a motor off-board.

Cable car transport systems are a viable transportation system for various situations.[1] Cable-Propelled Transit (CPT or cable for short) can be effective as a mass transit system at a reasonable cost, as seen in Medellin's Metrocable (Medellin), the world's first cable-car system largely dedicated to low-income commuters.

They are advantageous for transit of mountains, valleys, steep slopes and bodies of water. Constructing roads in mountainous terrain requires substantial funding and can significantly affect the environment."The minimally invasive design enables ropeways to blend in almost imperceptibly with their surrounding- without harm to the visual impression of the tourist destinatination.