visit to the Balinese Penglipuran Village

Pengelipuran village Bangli is one the traditional Balinese village that still retains the layout of traditional Balinese architecture. However, things that distinguish the uniqueness of the Pengelipuran village compares to other traditional villages in Bali is the uniformity of the houses that look almost identical. Consistency noticed from the gate houses with traditional Balinese architecture that looks the same from every house. Also, the rural roads that connected to each of the house also uniquely styled with stones.

o uniform the house shape with traditional Balinese architecture in one village, not an easy thing. However, Penglipuran village community’s can do so. Apart from the village houses that look the same, garden areas inside and outside of the house are also maintained.

Besides being able to see the unique layout of the residence, Penglipuran village also offers cold air because the village is located about 750 meters above sea level.

To enter one of the houses, you will pass through the gates made of bricks that already look old. Very friendly homeowners will greet you upon entering the home area. Also, owners are willing to show the area around their homes. The building wall mostly made of woven bamboo with a shingled roof, with traditional Balinese kitchen.