While a majority of travellers are couples, there are also families travelling to the island for their fun in the sun. Since the currency of the region has had a major depreciation, the cost of living for travellers is very affordable and it is advised to carry credit cards around, rather than physical money.


There are many places to see on the island. Being a predominantly Buddhist nation, there are many temples to see. Some of the temples actually pay homage to sea gods and forest spirits as well. While many of them have been standing for many decades, they are well maintained and are open for viewing and meditation. Two notable sea temples to visit would be the Tanah Lot temple and Uluwatu temple. While the first is built on a small rock formation off the coast, the other is mounted on a cliff. Both pay homage and respect to the sea spirits and are great places to watch the sunset. The Besakih Temple, also referred to as the Mother Temple lives up to its name. It is the largest Balinese temple and is located about a kilometre above sea level on Mount Agung. This massive monument houses at least 86 other temples. The complex overlooks beautiful hills, mountains and rice paddies as well.


The Bali Safar and Marine Park is another must see place when in Bali. The guided tours offer travellers and enjoyable day. This theme park is the largest and most visited one in all of Bali. Opened in 2007, the park has over 40 hectares of land and is home to more than 50 species of animals that are allowed to freely roam in this wide open space. The safari bus takes its travellers all over the park, visiting animals in their natural habitat.

The mysterious Goa Gajah caves are another great site to visit. While the name translates to a dwelling herd of elephants, it’s actually called the “Elephant Temple”. This cave complex has a huge archaeological and architectural significance and is a great place to visit. The walls and the entrance of the temple have been carved in beautiful patterns depicting various faces, vines and artistic flares all across the caves. The cave further opens into a meditational cave where the silence helps you find inner peace. The bathing pools and fountains add to the whole experience. It will be quite a sight to see.

The rich and pearly white sand clad beaches are a tourist hot spot as well. There are many resorts and hotels that have reasonable accommodation and many fun-filled “Beachy” activities in store for their guests. The sound of the waves crashing against the seashores as you gently rock in your hammock is enough to make anyone fall asleep in sheer bliss and relaxation.

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