This enchanting land comprising of over 17,000 islands spans across the equator between the Indian and Pacific oceans in the Southeast Asian region. Home to over a hundred cultures and ethnicities, Indonesia is a prismatic land, full of diversity, colour and customs.

As peaceful land it is, intermingling is not a common sight as every island has its own unique mix of customs and practices just like the huge varieties of landscapes you encounter here. Amidst the rich cultures, are some ancient mysteries of the spiritual Balinese folk which have evolved over time.


It is also home to nearly a hundred volcanoes, sprawling over great distances where a few are at risk of erupting any time.

Coastlines contoured with beaches gleaming with white sand, the tranquillity these glorious landscapes offer is sure to render one speechless. Bewitching, secretive beaches with enchanting views, not too far are also in abundance as much as crowded beaches full of exciting entertainment.


The heart-wrenching sight of Komodo dragons, mischievous orangutans lounging from one tree to another and Balinese dancers with moves so precise that a robot would be defied easily are a few of the priceless moments you would witness. Strolling through the jungles are plenty of elephants and tigers as they have found a home in some of Indonesia’s islands.

The Jakarta malls, so colourful and vibrant are going to be spots that you would find yourself visiting quite often as shopping is just as glorious as this city, which the nation’s Capital.

The Ideal Time to Visit Indonesia


A planned holiday is best cherished in the months between April and October which is the dry season and then November to March, which is the monsoon season.

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