Located in the Bay of Bengal in Eastern India, the city of Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, one of the twenty-nine states of this nation. Known as Madras in the past, this contemporary city holds a more popular title as the ‘Gateway to South India’ as it serves as a vital business and cultural hub of this country. Its miscellany of an array of communities, each with their own unique customs, and the variety of art, religion and sights will amaze all of you who find delight in seeking different cultures of the world.


Out of the many places here, the Government Museum has got to be in the top of your list as this excellent complex is known to be one of Chennai’s best. The Bronze Gallery especially, which is part of this museum has a wondrous assortment of South Indian bronzes dating all the way back to the Pallava era of the 7th century to the present day. Amongst the multitude of magnificent pieces stands the Shiva as Nataraja, a dancer of the cosmos and also Ardhanarishvara, an incarnation of Shiva and Parvati. An attractive and a very much active place of worship – the Kapaleeshwarar Temple of Chennai is dedicated to one of their most popular gods; Shiva and also holds many architectural pieces of Tamil Nadu.


The Santhome Cathedral, a soaring Roman Catholic establishment built by the Portuguese and believed to house the tomb of St Thomas is a site visited by many tourists in Chennai. The museum just above the cathedral portrays many pieces related to incidents of St Thomas’ life, including the weapon that is believed to have killed him.

Typically, the city of Chennai has a hot and humid climate, reaching extremes like 42 degrees Celsius in the months of May through June. The rainy period occurs in mid-September and goes all the way to December where at certain instances, there may even be heavy thundershowers. However, despite the wet weather around this time, the temperatures never drop below 20 degrees Celsius.

A valuable travel tip would be to always pack a good set of breathable, cotton clothing in order to make your trip more pleasant. Getting around Chennai is fairly easy as auto-rickshaws are plentiful and so are buses, both convenient and cheap. Cabs based on apps are also available for those who wish to have a more comfortable journey.

Be sure to not miss out on the exquisite South Indian cuisine featuring must-haves such as idli & sambar, masala dosa, hot samosas and so much more. The wide array of exotic flavour will leave your taste buds craving for more, no doubt.

The Marina beach, being a favourite tourist destination is a beautiful coastline along which you can enjoy scenic sunset walks while indulging is some seafood delicacies on the way.

Hotels ranging from budget to luxury, providing awesome value for money, along with boutiques, cafes and malls, together with culture and soul so rich and majestic, your visit to Chennai will definitely be one for the books!

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