On reminiscing, after you ever experience Hawaii, saying ‘aloha’ to this enchanting paradise is going to be one of the best decisions you made in life. This recently established state of the US is located in the Northeastern end of Polynesia, outside North America and is the only one comprising of islands and islands alone.

Its capital is Honolulu is the state’s largest city and the core of all its culture. Hawaii’s natural enchantment with its ever so mesmerizing beauty is and always was its strong suit, attracting tourists from all over the globe, all year round.

The spellbinding vistas of the little islands dispersed across the boundless blue ocean as you touch down Hawaii, make snapshots that are ready to go on any postcard without the need for any more enhancement.


Just relaxing on a beach bed, sipping on a fresh King Coconut while gazing into the bewitching sunsets and even the sunrise, will get your endorphins rushing as you bask into the serene heavenliness mother nature can bring. Not just the enchanting golden beaches with shorelines that seem infinite, but the natural pools and spectacular waterfalls will leave you wondering if you are in true paradise.


Many are the opportunities you come across when it comes to encounters with nature. Surfing, swimming and even fishing are often enjoyed by tourists who visit here. Watching the exotic fish as you dive into the clear blue waters and feasting your eyes on the vibrant corals and aquatic life, or simply hopping aboard a cruise to go whale watching are few of the unforgettable escapades Hawaii offers.


The lifestyle here is very much casual and low-key and definitely full of bursts of colour. With pretty gals skipping around in their bikinis and men in aloha shirts strumming their guitar strings with soothing island music, and almost everyone trotting around in their rubber slippers, spending time here is very much calming as opposed to the hustle and bustle of city life. High-spirited lively festivities and cultural celebrations take place more often than not, bringing together the massive diversity of communities and people, where love and unity despite traditional differences are clearly exhibited.


Hawaii, unlike many other holiday destinations, has such hospitable weather all year around. But, the best of the climates are experienced in the months of April, May, September and October where it isn’t too hot for a volcanic trek, but isn’t too cold for you to remain indoors either. May you be a couple of lovey-dovey honeymooners, a bunch of friends on the lookout for adventure or even a family on a holiday getaway, Hawaii and its beautiful souls will welcome you with arms open wide, embracing you with love and warmth like you never experienced before.


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