At work, our people are a lively bunch of individuals with enthusiasm and vigour, striving day in and day out, to deliver cutting edge service and value; to our external customers, the backbone of our very existence and the travel industry and our internal customers who we consider the soul of our business.


Each one of us goes a step further to help a fellow human being in whatever way possible. Be it a simple smile of acknowledgment or a solution to a complex problem, it’s the sheer empathy and will to help that makes the difference in providing a personalised service.


Our people are our strength. The combination of young vibrant youth and well-known industry legends that bring with them years of experience, make the difference we dare to share.” Talent acquisition, development and mentoring by the Senior Management, are a way of life and allow ample opportunities for career progression. Our Group values are considered sacred and we take it upon ourselves to deliver services, consistent with our values.