About Us


Why MFZ?

My Flight Zone has become a specialist in the travel industry and a well-known name over the last few years. We offer high-end services, thousands of in and outbound flights, special hotel rates, exclusive destination activity packages, incredible daily travel packages and so much more. Our company is fast becoming a household name known for discount travel throughout Australia. Being constantly updated on the latest and greatest travel offers in and around the globe, My Flight Zone offers its users an array of the hottest travel destinations worldwide, that will keep your fingers clicking and your pulses racing. Find the flights you want, the accommodation that is most convenient, paired with the best modes of transport and the activities you always wanted and that right there is the recipe for a memorable trip, and we will make sure it is indeed a happy one.

We are a Flat structured Team

At My Flight Zone, a team effort is everything to us. Our team has been streamlined and more importantly flat structured to give the best we have to offer while keeping everyone on equal ground. Our coordination and unity have never been higher. Our sole aim is to ensure that our customers have the safest and most enjoyable time possible. Once you decide to use our services, our team become your invisible partner throughout the entire journey.

We Are Different

While many of the top tour companies offer a fixed package with no slack for the customer, we choose to differ. At My Flight Zone, we like to offer our clients a tailor-made package to suit their needs and to not be a burden on their wallets. As a young and budding company, we like to combine our own enthusiasm for travel with our spirit of enterprise to give you the best that this industry possibly has to offer.





We are a bunch of people who have been blessed enough to convert what excites us into our bread and butter. Because of the high level of expertise in the field, we are enabled to offer total travel solutions to our customers, rather than a half-baked cake which has no use to anyone. We pledge to offer our services throughout your travel, let us worry about both the major & minor details of travel, so you don’t have to.