Phuket has become one of the best beach destinations that one could possibly travel. The beautiful ivory sands, the shimmering blue waves crashing against each other, the many palm trees swaying in the cool breeze are some of the amazing and relaxing sites that Phuket offers its many travellers.


This island range lies in the Andaman seas and was a major stop on the trade route between China and India. Phuket is frequently mentioned in European ship manifests as well. While the island used to make its profits from the large reserves of Tin and the many forests of rubber that was once harvested, those days have been long over. Tourism has become a much larger profit bringer than any other trade.


The famous Phi Phi Island of the Phuket region should be a “Must visit” site for anyone travelling there. In fact, some foreigners travel to this region just to visit this magnificent island alone. The Phi Phi Islands get its fame from the movie “The Beach” that aired in the year 2000. After all the fame and hype, the island doesn’t disappoint any of its visitors. It is said that when one approaches the island from a boat, the cliffs rise out of the sea like a huge rock fortress appearing out of the depths of the beautiful green ocean.


Complementing the already glorious beaches of Phuket is its diverse and lively nightlife and busy markets. One can get lost in the sheer crowds that visit the markets which contain anything and everything that you could possibly want to buy. The many clubs and restaurants that focus on nightlife and keeping its guests entertained and many in number. One can enjoy both the day and night in the islands of Phuket, in totally different, but amazing ways.

Best time to visit Phuket

November to February