Yoga In Sri Lanka

The ancient Hindu practice of yoga is a great way to attain a healthy body and mind through a
combination of exercise, meditation, and breathing techniques. It exercises and tones the muscles from
all over your body, giving you quite a workout. But it's superior to any other form of exercise because it
focuses not only the physical side of things, but the mental as well. The goal with yoga is to help you
connect with your spirit and bring forth positive energy. As a result, it gives you so many benefits such as
relief from stress and anxiety, happiness, and a sense of calm.

Yoga retreats are pretty popular in Sri Lanka, and people from all around the world come to the country
to participate in them. After all, what better way to destress than amongst the amazing nature of the
beautiful island?
There are several places that you can choose in Sri Lanka that are ideal for yoga, whether it be the
sprawling beaches of the south like Mirissa, Unawatuna, and Arugam Bay, or the hills and forests of
Central Sri Lanka such as Ulpotha. Places like Ulpotha, Nagala and Arankele are forest retreats set
amidst fascinating ancient sites dating back centuries and gorgeous nature. Here, you'll find authentic
Ayurvedic techniques and treatments, massages, temples, and more.