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‘Sandy Village’, more commonly known as ‘Weligama’ is a beautiful town located along the Southern coast of Sri Lanka. It has lovely, uncrowded beaches where you can just lie on a hammock sipping on some fresh king-coconut all while enjoying the view of the magnificent waters.


You can also take undisturbed, relaxing walks along the shore where you will be able to see many stilt fishermen. Stilt fishing is when the fisherman is rested on a crossbar, chest deep in water, which is fixed onto a pole that is set firmly into the sea bed.


Just 200 meters off the main shore is a tiny island called Taprobane. On it is an exquisite villa built by an exiled French Count De Mauny to whom the island belonged. This being his home has entertained many a King, Aristocrat and Governor and the beauty of its gardens capture the hearts of all who visited here. At present, the entire island and villa, consisting of 5 suites are available for those who want to spend their holiday here.


The Western end of Weligama has a 3-meter high statue carved in rock, of a Royal figure.  The identity of the king has not been depicted even today but legend says that it was of a Provincial ruler who suffered from leprosy and cured himself by drinking coconut milk for three months.


Along the beach roads, you will find many local ladies creating well-crafted pieces of crochet and tatting lace. These intricate materials are used to make table cloths, mats, outfits etc. The art of lace making, first introduced by the Portuguese has remained and been passed down generations to a point where many prosper in its trade.


Whilst walking through the countryside of Weligama, you will encounter the traditional Southern villages, coconut and rubber plantations and many rice fields along with their beautiful landscapes that are sure to leave you in awe.


At a distance of about 14 km from Weligama, along the Akuressa road is another very interesting spot which is the Snake farm. Home to almost 15 kinds of snakes plus a collection of huge pythons, this is a spot you should definitely visit. Tourists are allowed to handle these wonderful creatures, but of course, guided by an experienced caretaker.


In addition to all fun activities, surfing is also quite famous here in Weligama. Within just walking distance you will find several points, namely Beach break, Kabalana, Ram’s point and a few more. Lessons for beginners and all the gear needed are provided by the surf camps located here.


After engaging in all fun activities, you are sure to be tired by the end of the day. But worry not, because Weligama has got you covered. Numerous spas and wellness centres are available here presenting you with a variety of treatments ranging from modern to Ayurvedic, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a great treatment session.

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