Waterski - Sri Lanka

Watersking is one of the most popular water sports in Sri Lanka, and thousands of people participate in
it throughout the year. Sri Lanka is the ideal location or waterskiing because the island's weather and
water conditions lend very well to the sport.
Beginners to experts alike have so many opportunities here, regardless of age (including waterski for

From waterski schools that teach those that are starting out with the activity to the advanced
players, everyone is welcome. Sri Lanka also offers perfect conditions for different types of water skiers,
including salom, tricks, and barefoot. Wakeboarding and kiteboarding are similar activities that you can
also have a go at in Sri Lanka.
There are several locations and resorts in Sri Lanka that offer waterski courses and camps, but the most
popular location for it is Negombo. Other places known for waterski camps include Hikkaduwa and