Sri Lanka


A beautiful and strategic seaport in the days of Ancient Sri Lanka, Trincomalee has seen her fair share of trade, travellers and invaders. Located on the Eastern coast of the island, and having a naturally deep-water harbour, Trincomalee boasts about being one of the top ranking harbours of this kind in the entire world.


Attracting the likes of great travellers like Marco Polo, and Ptolemy, this beautiful harbour can be found among their descriptions of the little Island of Ceylon. The wide beaches and quiet seas often attract surfers and divers alike. The natural reefs and shallower pools offer a great experience for all the scuba divers. The reefs are also home to a wide variety of fish and coral as well.


One can easily find accommodation among the many guest houses and hotel cropping up every day. Most of them offer an authentic Eastern experience and are very affordable. Trincomalee is also home to one of the oldest Hindu Kovils in all of Sri Lanka. This Kovil is known as Thirukoneshvaram.


Many hotels would recommend their guests to rent a motorbike as it is so much easier to travel around the many beaches in the vicinity. The Nilaveli beach, in particular, is quite lovely. The gleaming white sands and the crashing blue waves make quite a sight. The photo ops are galore. Many of the local population frequent this beach as well. Compared to more mainstream beaches on the island, Nilaveli is almost untouched. You can also feast your eyes on the beautiful mammals of the ocean, as they swim across the seas near Trincomalee. The best time to whale watch would be from March to August. It will be quite a treat to see these gentle giants in their natural habitat.


Fort Frederik is another interesting site to visit. Built by the Portuguese invaders of Ancient Ceylon, the fort has really stood the test of time. Every crack in the wall has its own story to tell. The Fort is currently manned by the armed Military forces of Sri Lanka, but it’s still open for viewing. 


The tiny but gorgeous “Pigeon Island” is another place which is a must-see for anyone there for snorkelling. The clear waters and white sand make the surrounding sea come alive. Guided tours to the island can be easily arranged, and it is one you do not want to miss.


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