Sri Lanka


Found in the Hambantota district, in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, Tangalle is situated roughly 195 kilometres south of Colombo. Being a topmost fishing port in the island, it comprises of a unique and pristine ecosystem and breathtaking beaches.


It gets its name from the word ‘Ran gala’ meaning golden rock, where folk tale tells us that once a holy man partook a meal there and the rock was turned into a shade of gold.


Swimming, surfing and snorkelling are common sporting activities here. The little to no effect of the wind on the waves makes surfing very safe and enjoyable. The shallow and calm waters also allow swimming, sea bathing and even snorkelling where the spectacular marine life can be well cherished.


Sunbathing is very much enjoyed by the tourists holidaying here. Lying on a beach bed, sipping on a king coconut while gazing into the beautiful beach views gives you the ultimate relaxation you were looking for. A beautifully glowing tan is a bonus you receive from this exquisite city!


The Mulkingala Raja Maha Viharaya, situated north of the town is rested on a 200-meter high rock and was a Buddhist monastery built 200 years ago. Ancient artefacts, the Buddha statue and numerous cave temples are found along the climb to its peak. The only blowhole in Sri Lanka known as ‘Hummanaya’,  located about 10 kilometres north is a site commonly visited by both tourists and locals alike.


If you are an animal lover,  interested in conservation and protection of turtles, the Turtle Watch Rekawa is found about 10 kilometres from Tangalle. Here you will be able to witness these beautiful yet endangered creatures in their different stages of development and measures taken to preserve and protect them.


Goyambokka and Pallikaduwa are the twin bays of Tangalle town which are comprised of a series of natural and artistic caves. These villages are more upmarket with posh little guesthouses with their own private beaches, one being the ‘Silent Beach’ which makes one awe-inspiring view from atop the rocks.

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