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Plentiful in glorious beaches, whale watching and surf waves, Mirissa is increasing in its popularity for being one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Sri Lanka. The outskirts of the beach are fringed by palm trees, and the sands and waters, so very clean are absolutely welcoming. You can find your perfect relaxation while lying on a beach bed, sipping on cocktails which you can purchase from restaurants just a few meters away.


The Mirissa waters and reefs are also great for surfing and snorkelling. Incredible blue waters and the gorgeous marine life will definitely be something you can enjoy to the fullest here.


Whale watching, amongst the many others, is an activity to simply not miss when you are in Mirissa. Not just in Sri Lanka, but Mirissa is rated as one of the best places in the world to see Blue whales. November through April is the best time to go on this expedition as the sightings of these magnificent creatures grow lesser during other months due to rougher seas. Not only whales, but you can also see other marine life in abundance, for instance; dolphins, sperm whales, whale sharks and much more!


The Palm tree grove in Mirissa is also another famous location because of the spectacular view of the sunset. Something about the way the palm trees are lined up here makes it a magical place and it is only a 30-minute walk from the main beach. Few people visit this place, so if you are lucky, you will have it all to yourself. And if you are travelling with your better half, this would make a very romantic evening!


Another highlight of Mirissa is the Devil Dance. This being a speciality in the Southern region of Sri Lanka is known for its healing powers. Devil dancers are called out to help in the recovery of illnesses and are an interesting act to watch or even participate in if you really like to.


A short distance to the interior of Mirissa will bring you to the rubber and coconut plantations too. Spice gardens are also grown in Mirissa, and if you ever wonder where the entire rich flavour in Sri Lankan dishes comes from, this will be the place you find out.


Mirissa is also abundant in restaurants and guesthouses. You are in the perfect place to enjoy a freshly cooked plate of seafood, a delicious traditional Sri Lankan meal or an international dish, all according to your liking and priced quite reasonably.

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