Sri Lanka


Induruwa is a small coastal fishing village in the south of Sri Lanka, situated a few hours away from the
capital Colombo. It is situated along a strip of towns that are major tourist hubs like Bentota and
Aluthgama. Although Induruwa is not as popular among visitors as these towns , there is still plenty that
makes this a great place to visit. Especially if you're looking for a spot away from the crowded beach
destinations for a quiet soul searching trip or a romantic getaway.
Induruwa is surrounded by several water bodies, including sweet water lagoons and the Maadu river,
which are full of amazing flora and fauna. This makes it a popular spot for eco tourists, nature-lovers,
and bird watchers, as well as those that are interested natural wellness treatments and Ayurveda.

You're main activity in Induruwa would be to relax, get pampered by hotel spas and Ayurvedic
treatments, take long strolls along the beach, sunbathe, and swim in the beautiful ocean. You could also
venture out of your resort to visit the local market, where there are small shops and restaurants.
If you wanted to experience something more exciting than the calmness of Induruwa, you could always
hop on a bus and be in the neighboring towns of Bentota or Aluthgama in a very short time, where you'll
have plenty to do, from shopping and dining, to water activities and more!

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