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From once being a small fishing village, Hikkaduwa has now spiralled into one of Sri Lanka’s most sought after holiday destinations. The vibrant beach parties it hosts, along with its popularity for diving and surfing has made this town a favourite amongst many travellers and backpackers.


Exquisite beaches here with gleaming white sand and the striking coral reefs are an ultimate attraction to tourists from all over the world.


While the sun and nature can be enjoyed to the fullest during the day, the night-life Hikkaduwa offers is just as exotic. With beach restaurants which are lively with tasteful music, along with bars, shops and night clubs for you to either take delight in a quiet drink or to spend an exciting evening with dancing, laughter and great food, Hikkaduwa covers it all.


Hikkaduwa bears popularity mainly for its surfing. The dry season; November through March is best for this sport. There are a few main breaks which are known as the best spots for surfing. Locals break, Main Peak, Hansa Surf break and Beach Break are namely a few. Waves range from 4 to 11 feet in height and the clear, warm waters make it one of the best surf spots in the island.


In addition, Scuba diving and snorkelling also serve as a major past time here in Hikka. Stunning corals, the vibrant and exotic fish along with beautiful sea turtles are a sight to simply not miss. Scuba diving enables you to enjoy this experience to the fullest. Boats with transparent bottoms are also available for those who want to appreciate the wonders of Hikka waters while keeping oneself dry.


All gadgets and equipment you require to take part in all the above activities are readily available for rent in a number of places just in the vicinity of where these sports are offered.


The Turtle Hatchery, a small and private Turtle Research Centre is also located a few kilometres north. These magnificent, yet endangered creatures can be seen here at their different stages of development and you can educate yourself on various measures taken to protect them further.


Hikka also offers plenty of accommodation, fitting to the kind of budget you are comfortable with. You can either choose to stay at a small guesthouse or inn, a luxurious international hotel or anything in between.

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