Deep Sea Fishing - Sri Lanka

Deep Sea Fishing – Sri Lanka

Surrounded from all sides by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka's seas are rich in marine life and exotic sea creatures. Deep sea fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities taken up by visitors and locals as well. This beautiful island is one of the best spots for game fishing in Asia. From those who are just looking to get their first taste of sport fishing to the keen anglers, Sri Lanka has plenty of opportunities for everyone!

Here are some of the top places where you can go deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka:


Hikkaduwa is another one of the island's hotspots that is definitely worth a visit. Not only does it have beaytiful beaches with clear waters and plenty of corals, it is also a great place for game fishing. Here you can expect to reel in a range of fishes, including varieties like sailfish, tuna, barracuda, rabbit fish, parrot fish, spangled emperor, grouper, mullet, king mackarel, wahoo, dorado (dolphinfish), giant travelly, and marlin.


Negombo is a fishing town situated a little ways from the capital city of Colombo, and close to Sri Lanka's primary international airport at Katunayaka. This up-and-coming town has forever been known for its shores rich in sea life ideal for commercial and sport fishing.

In fact, there are plenty of fish you catch quite close to the coast, like snapper emperor, grouper, and bonefish. Venture farther out into the ocean and you'll find schools of jackfish, travelly, barramundi, kingfish, seerfish, barracuda, Spanish mackerel, and tuna. Dare to venture even deeper into the seas, and you might be rewarded with sailfish, swordfish, marlin, or even shark! Apart from all the amazing fish you can catch, it's also an amazing sight to see the dolphins tagging along the side of your boat as you explore their home.


Mirissa might be well-known for it's whale and dolphin watching tours, but it's also a great spot for sport fishing. In fact, certain tours offers a combination of both activities! Day fishing usually uses the trolling (net method), and will yield a catch of fishes like the Spanish mackarel, skipjack tuna, yellow fin tuna, sail fish, marlins, frigate tuna, and jack trevallies.

Night fishing is also very popular here, and it's ideal if you want to go after the bigger, rarer catches like sail fish, blue or black marlene tuna, wahoo, and more. During a fishing tour after dusk, you're more likely to reel in fish like the blubberlip snapper, blackspot snapper, Sri Lanka sweetlips, parrot fish, rabbit fish, barracuda, mangrove red snapper, carol hind, mullet, wavylined grouper, malabar grouper, spangled emperor, long faced emperor, and more!


This is another popular holiday destination in Sri Lanka amongst locals and tourists alike, thanks to it's gorgeous beaches and luxury resorts. But, Trinco also has plenty to offer those keen anglers. The waters of Trinco a teeming with a variety of fish, just waiting for you to catch them!

You can catch a variety of fish even close to the shore, like snapper emperor, grouper, and bonefish. A little ways in, you'll see yields of Spanish and Indian mackarel, barramundi, barracuda, seer fish, Jackfish, Travelly, and tune. Venture deeper into the ocean and you might catch Sailfish, Swordfish, and even Marlin or Shark!

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is where all the cool kids go! This small fishing village located south of Pottuvil in the Eastern Province of the island  is known for its beaches, resorts, surfing, and of course, fishing! But, given that the area more popular with local hobby and commercial fishermen, the experience at Pottuvil might be a little different to the more tourist-friendly fishing spots in Sri Lanka. But, beat all the odds, and you'll have the most authentic local fishing experience on the island!