Sri Lanka


Located in the Southern end of the Island country of Sri Lanka is Dikwella. A village still is hidden from the mainstream tourism industry, but it does have the potential to be one of the most enjoyable destinations in Sri Lanka. Of course, each and every traveller touching down in Sri Lanka might not fancy the town of Dikwella. This is because the town has to offer much to beach lovers. The beautiful beaches with their shimmering sands and sparkling waters attract quite a lot of surfers and beach goers alike. The sunny, tropical weather is ideal for a day filled with water and relaxation, just basking in the rays of the sun.


Travellers visiting Dikwella are also treated to an authentic Southern village experience. Tall coconut palms swaying in the breeze, while fisherman goes out to sea to catch their daily living as the waves crash soothingly over the sands. The cuisine is also different from what a normal hotel would offer. The food blended with a mixture of homegrown spices, cooked over a clay wooden hearth and served in authentic clay pots is not something every hotel would offer you.


Another interesting attraction is the “Devil Dancers”. Dikwella is known for the number of Sharman that delve in the mystic arts, witchcraft and devil worship. These Sharman are said to be able to heal sicknesses and drive out demons, using the help of more powerful demons. The act of this being done is quite entertaining to watch and even participate in. The flow of such an episode almost feels like a drama that is played by trained actors.


While there are many religious attractions in the area, Dikwella also boasts for being home to the tallest Buddha statue in existence in Sri Lanka. This would be another interesting site to visit and learn about the ancient culture and history of Sri Lanka.

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