Sri Lanka


Located in the central province of Sri Lanka, lies the ancient city of Dambulla. Busy with street vendors, travellers of all colours and cultures as well as the religious folk all wanting a glimpse of the magnificent rock that is Dambulla. The main attraction in Dambulla is its intricate system of caves that has now been made into a series of chambers for the Dambulla temple.

The temple itself has a collection of rare wall and ceiling murals as well as a dedicated gallery of carved Buddha statues. The origin of the complex of temples is said to date back to the 1st century B.C itself. The temples are so well guarded and held in such high esteem that the visitors are requested to remove their footwear before stepping on holy ground. The first great statue you are greeted by is a 47 foot recumbent Buddha image. The next temple holds about 150 well-preserved carvings of various gods and images of Buddha as well.
Historians tell us that an exiled king happened to stumble upon this chunk of rock. The caves in it gave him shelter and sanctuary. Once he came out of exile, the king built a monument here, in the memory of his exile. Up to this day, the temples stand as a testament to this exile.

The Minneriya National park which is quite close to Dambulla too can be toured while you are there. Others visit Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa and other ancient cities while they are lodged at Dambulla. Wherever you go, you are guaranteed many great sights and a load of memories.

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