Sri Lanka


Bentota is a coastal town situated at the southern region of Sri Lanka, and one of the major tourist hubs
of the country thanks to its beautiful beaches. There are several world-class luxury resorts for you to
choose from, or budget guesthouses. It is reachable by a couple hours drive from the capital of Colombo.

Being a major tourist-based beach location, Bentota beach is one of the most well-maintained in the
country with good infrastructure and facilities catered to foreign visitors as well. The resorts here are set
up with world-class facilities and of course, food. You can also get a taste of the ancient art of healing
and medicine of Ayurveda here, and it is sure to be soothing to the body and soul.

The town is also well known for being a favorite of water sports enthusiasts. The calm waters of the
Indian Ocean as well as the Bentara river are known to provide ideal conditions for many water activities
including water skiing, body surfing, wave surfing, parasailing, and more. You can also explore all the
secrets of the sea through diving and snorkeling at the famous Canoe Rock dive site, or you could rent
jet skis, boats, canoes, etc. for a thrilling ride on the wide open water.
Other things you can do in Bentota include visiting the turtle hatchery, having colonial-style tea at the
Chapion tea center made using leaves picked from the estate right there, exploring the medieval-era
Buddhist temple called Galapatha Raja Maha Vihare, with carvings, inscriptions, and more dating from
that period of time.

If you feel like getting away from the more crowded places, you can take an excursion to Brief Gardens,
built by famous architect Bevis Bawa with the concept of a Japanese Garden, or Lunuganga, designed
by his brother (also a renowned architect) the Late Geoffrey Bawa, an estate/gardens full of fascinating
architecture, landscapes, and an astounding calmness.
You can also visit the town center to experience the hustle and bustle of local life, and enjoy some good
food at street food stalls, diners, and restaurants. There is also a local airport, the Bentota River Airport,
and a helipad from where you can take sky tours and joy rides for some of the most spectacular views
you'll experience anywhere in the world.

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