Sri Lanka


A shot drive from the capital Colombo down south will bring you to a series of beautiful coastal fishing
towns, one of them Balapitiya. Often overlooked as a place of interest in place of its neighbors, Balapitiya
remains a piece of coastal paradise that has yet to be taken over by mass tourism. This makes it a great
destination for those interested in exploring the island away from what is nicely packaged and presented
as “tourist-friendly”.

Balapitiya might often be viewed as a starting point for the nearby towns of Bentota, known for its world-
class resorts, Aluthgama, a major town in the region, Hikkaduwa, a surfer's paradise of clear blue waters,

and Ambalangoda, famous for traditional mask carvings.
One of the best things to do in Balapitiya would be fishing, and small fishing hamlets bordering the sea
can be spotted for as far as the eye can see. Furthermore, it is surrounded by water in all its forms, be it the ocean, the Maadu river, or sweet water lagoons, which makes it great for water and nature lovers.

But, having been an administrative site of important during the British era, there are several buildings
with fascinating colonial-style architecture. Many of the mansions and estates have even been
transformed into hotels and boutique villas as of late.
If you wanted to experience the beauty of lush green estates, stay at converted colonial buildings, go for
river river safaris, and relax at sandy beaches with a clam sea all in one place, Balapitiya would be a
great choice for a weekend getaway!

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