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Situated in the Galle district, Ambalangoda is a coastal town roughly 100 kilometres from Colombo. Comprised of a number of beautiful secluded beaches and together with its rich culture and history, this town is ideal for those who want to get the real taste of Sri Lanka.


The Ambalangoda railway station – a major line connecting the cities Colombo and Galle, makes it all the more convenient in terms of travel as it makes it easier for tourists to get about from Colombo to this city.


Manufacture of wooden masks and puppets is a well-acclaimed trade here, dating back decades and Ambalangoda still holds its popularity for these traditional artefacts. They are created using wood from ‘Kaduru’ trees which undergo weeks of preparation before they are hand painted and hand carved to give the final product.


Local puppeteers from Ambalangoda travel all around the island with their puppet shows and they take great pride in it as the art has been passed down from one generation to another.


Amongst the many other attractions in Ambalangoda is the Mask Museum which must visit for those fascinated by the history and significance of the different masks there are. The Sunandaramaya Mahaviharaya, one of the oldest Buddhist temples on the coastal region of the South and the Madu Ganga Wetlands are also prominent sights in the city of Ambalangoda.


Turtle Hatcheries, guided nature tours and picturesque lake safaris are also a few other things Ambalangoda offers. This ‘hidden treasure’ of a city has everything ranging between little local shops to high-end franchises, and there are also plenty of memorabilia you can purchase from the markets as a souvenir to take back home to your loved ones.  The fishing harbour is also worth a visit along with the many antique shops that sell either real of excellent reproductions of beautiful antiques dating back all the way to the Dutch Colonial time.

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