Sri Lanka


Located in the Southern province of Sri Lanka is the little town of Ahangama. Though small in size, this spot has become a surfing hub for both locals and foreigners alike. The beautiful golden beaches stretch for miles, the waves crashing every now and again create the perfect picture for a relaxing getaway. The beach also has its own eco-system of boutiques and various vendors selling very useful, everyday items. The restaurants lined up facing the Bay offer a variety of seafood dishes, which have been seasoned in the “Sri Lankan” style.  Another fascinating stop in the vicinity would be the Buddhist hermitages that are situated on tiny islands in the middle of the Koggala Lake. The forest monasteries and meditation centres offer anyone solace as they try to gather their thoughts in deep meditation.


Ahangama has not become a mainstream spot to visit for travellers because the surfers and locals who visit this place like to preserve its secret location, so as to surf without the distractions of a multitude.

Best time to visit Ahangama

Since Sri Lanka is located so close to the equator, and has a fair tropical climate throughout most of the year, there isn’t a specific time to visit Ahangama. Guests are welcome throughout the year at any time of your choosing.