New South Wales


New South Wales

New South Wales is known as the oldest state of all Australia and has been an iconic representation of the continent for the last few decades. The stunning harbour city of Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and has always been a huge tourist magnet. The Sydney Opera house which is an architectural marvel wows travellers of all countries. In fact, this monument was named one of UNICEF’s world heritage sites. The Opera House boasts not only of its architecture but also of the many high-end restaurants, galleries and historic museums. It is an ideal place to visit especially if you are a first time visitor to Australia.


The great blue mountain range has been another traveller favourite destination for a long time now. This is a great place for all you nature lovers out there. The mountain is about 65 Km from the city and is home to a number of scenic waterfalls, many rock formations and even a few ancient aboriginal sites which can be viewed with a guide. Interestingly the mountain gets its name from the thousands of eucalyptus trees growing on its top, creating the “Blue” effect.  This is another World Heritage site and is a good spot for hiking and rock climbing.


The beautiful Hunter Valley is one of the most famous places for grape growing throughout Australia. It is a popular destination even among locals to blow off some steam during the weekends. The many farms produce so much of fresh veggies and fruits; it becomes a treat to all those traveller foodies out there. There are always new places popping in Hunter Valley, always more food to taste, and places to explore.


The State of New South Wales will be a very good place to start your journey exploring Australia. It is also a good place to get a relaxing holiday. It caters to almost anyone’s requirement. Also, most of the places have guided tours, this way you can both explore and learn the fascinating history behind them as well.

Best time to visit New South Wales

December to June